A systematic review on WAIS-III’s research with a special focus on clinical studies




This systematic review was performed to explore (1) the main goal of the publications, (2) the inclusion criteria used for the most studied neurological samples, and (3) the main conclusions of the clinical/neurological/psychiatric studies which used the core/whole Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale third edition (WAIS-III). EBSCO Host database was searched three times (2011, 2013 and 2014) using the keyword “WAIS-III” and the only limiters applied were “full text” and “scholarly (peer reviewed) journals”. A total of 226 articles were identified. We classified 23 articles as no WAIS-III focus nor data, 28 as focused on other tests but with WAIS-III data, 28 as theoretical articles, 13 as articles on WAIS-III short-forms, 46 as articles with the technical manual samples, and 88 as articles with various kinds of samples. At the end, we came to the conclusions that (a) most of the articles published on this systematic review have neuropsychological issues as the main target, (b) most TBI samples focus on moderate severity, and in 18 out of 20 articles with the so called “mixed neuropsychiatric samples”, there is no selection of brain injury samples according to injury localization, finally (c) it was not found an exclusive profile specific to brain injury.



WAIS-III, brain injury, systematic review.


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